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Plantgasm - I love plants too much. By Derek Powazek.

Tag: Sex

Pollination By Post

Back in May, my friend Zach sent me some pollen from one of his Phalaenopsis orchids in the mail.

A Dendrobium Seed Pod and the Long Chain of Ifs

That tiny fluff is just the packaging – the seeds are too tiny to be visible to the naked eye.

I Think I Impregnated My Dendrobium

Try, try again.

Sex in the Garden: Pollination for Apples and Comedy

“Honey, I’m going over to another woman’s house to perform the reproductive act.” Guest post by Blandon Ray.

Sex in the Garden: Tongue Orchids and their Dupes

Researchers found that most of these orchid-wasp pairings resulted in a “happy ending” for the pollinator.

Orchids and Freaky Moth Sex in Chiang Mai

Orchid sex and moth sex, all in one place? Thailand is awesome.

I Definitely Impregnated My Phalaenopsis

That’s an affirmative. Grow, pod, grow!

I Think I Impregnated My Phalaenopsis

All orchid sex is a ménage à trois that involves strap-ons.


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